Due to a recent positive change in the market there is currently a sudden demand for the talent. But how to define the talent? Is it the inborn god-given right or gift you just nurture and make millions out of it? Or is it the sweat, the blood, the long hours, the demand, the stress you go through to earn your position or simply the right connections you have in the industry who push you effortlessly in the right direction? Having taken the hardest road I was always amazed by the amount of ease and comfort some of the industry representatives have towards their job responsibilities. Easy come easy go?

How would you know when the real talent walks through your door? Having seen the both worlds of suited and booted execs washed out with all possible brands of Rolex, Jimmy Choo, Prada, Gucchi, Porsche and much simpler world of “mainstream fashion” left me wondering whether the clear scorecard of wealth vs. the down-to-earth prudency are again at war with each other? Don’t take me wrong when I say I have already guessed who is the victorious at the end. I am a strong believer of “if you have it flaunt it” but flaunting will win you scores and points to certain extent. You would never be able to exchange all that to one single successful project, killer presentation or that grandiose moment of Eureka but it would be really sad if I couldn’t reach that point because I was beaten by have-it-all know-it-all guy during the interview. It is sad.

Ok, ok, all that aside lets say you are talented and got noticed, finally you are there swimming with the sharks. But you always know and remember how far you can swim depends on how politically shrewd and principaly flexible you are. It is not just two plus two is four. It is not about the hard work and long hours anymore but your ability to be able to play your cards right, to know when to raise high and when to fold. It is an intelligent chess game to know what to sacrifice in order to win. I have to sometimes forget about being true to myself and go with the flow but how much of myself I have to let go to be called “talented” is a challenge. Maybe that’s why I always find myself on the firing line.